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chi tiết tác phẩm 'Silver Room,'

sắp đặt theo đặc thù địa điểm


bạc, đá, gỗ, tre, thạch anh

trắng, dây thừng, màu vẽ

1,620 x 1,490 x 600 cm

tác phẩm thuộc bộ sưu tập tư

nhân Château La Coste

(Aix-en-Provence, Pháp)

bản quyền hình ảnh thuộc Phạm Anh Huy

invisible columns 

the silver room –
an overall well-structured piece,
exceeding standards:
it is whole,
yet little things have 
constructed the base
of this grand project.
the little things make it
what it is.
invisible columns that keep it stable,
and grounded.
nails that keep the wood in place,
so bounded.
knots and knots of rope
delicately tied around the piece
thousands of silver squares wrapped up
and layered
on top of each other in careful
mathematical stroke.
all of these details are what makes
the silver room.
not just the 
massive structures.

- tt.n 2018

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