chi tiết tác phẩm 'Silver Room,'

sắp đặt theo đặc thù địa điểm


bạc, đá, gỗ, tre, thạch anh

trắng, dây thừng, màu vẽ

1,620 x 1,490 x 600 cm

tác phẩm thuộc bộ sưu tập tư

nhân Château La Coste

(Aix-en-Provence, Pháp)

bản quyền hình ảnh thuộc Phạm Anh Huy

lure of the heart

our heads can be submerged
under blankets of darkness
so intense and unbeatable,
driving addictions.
from anger to rage,
it seems like nothing
can pull you out
of the never-ending tunnel
of toxic thoughts.
until the first ray strikes,
and so does the second
your heart keeps whispering,
arising willpower
to fight back through
the darkness, into the light.
away from shadows of ache, 
back into the lustrous world
where nothing but us
and our hearts
remains untouched,
unbothered by the demons
of the mind.

- tt. n 2018

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